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The Amazing Story of the Templeton, Iowa Bootleggers

A film by Daniel Manatt and Bryce T. Bauer


  “… A deeply researched documentary of first-rate production quality on the history of illicit Templeton Rye trade.”

– Douglas Burns, Carroll Daily Times Herald
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 “The colorful story about Templeton and its rye whiskey just got a bit more real.”

– Mike Kilen, The Des Moines Register
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The True Story of Templeton Rye, Prohibition, and a Small Town in Cahoots

A book by Bryce T. Bauer


  “Bauer does a remarkable job of weaving together the various stories in the book, positioning them against the backdrop of the political and economic climates of the day.”

– Julie Thiel, Chicago Reader
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 “Bauer dug deep into the untold stories of former bootleggers who didn’t trust “goons” to handle their cash. They were a secretive bunch, and their story is a great piece of true whiskey history.”

– Fred Minnick,
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